Metal vase

Metal vase

Wars leave behind fields ruined, homes destroyed, families wrecked, graves freshly dug, and individuals physically and mentally broken trying to regain a sense of normalcy. Soldiers also leave behind piles of military equipment and weapons, long reminding the people of the horrors and suffering endured. Nevertheless, even in the darkest moments, man could always find the strength to overcome misery and suffering, and maintain humanity and common sense through music, writing or artistic creativity.

This photograph shows a metal vase from the collection of the Tolmin Museum, which was made in 1917 from an Austrian grenade shell. In the hours of ceasefire and calm before the new military offensive, the unknown author found time to embed on the emptied piece of a deadly weapon the motif of a rising ivy, an evergreen plant that was once believed to protect against death and the evil forces of darkness.

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