At St. Maurus
The postcard depicts the church of St. Maurus and the hill Munihov Kuk, which was at the beginning of the 20th century overgrown with the vine trellises; original: M. Munih
The church is, by being firstly mentioned in 1192, the oldest church in the settlement and its surroundings. Also the first known reference to the area of Most na Soči is linked to this small church: In ponte Sancti Mauri, St. Mauro, Sankt Maurus Bruck. It is dedicated to St. Maurus that was the disciple of St. Benedict and thus consequently his successor. The legend says that he should hold immense healing powers thus the ill will always seek his help. He is the patron of charcoalers and coppersmiths.
St. Maurus, cutout from the altar painting, oil on canvas, author M. Mikuž, 1971   The statue of Mary the Queen of all Saints with the child and a late-gothic relief stone above it