Marij Pregelj, a portrait of Ivan Pregelj
House of writer Ivan Pregelj

"It stood most oddly, characteristically though, along the bank under the Kuk hill; with its front cutting west, supported on its lower side by its own addition. Ancient, shockingly poor, Lord have mercy, with some visible features of old glamour. That is to say it was built by come churchman for him to be lived in when he is old and retired. The attic clearly stated that originally it was covered by slate, though raised later in order to be covered by a steep thatched roof. And so it was leaning, quite high above the village, in the sheer slope exposed to all thunderstorms from west to south, for its rooftop to be

torn off and for us, children inside, to be utterly scared and frightened during the nights when the summer storms in that basin did not sink form dust till dawn; a feature, on which acknowledged researcher of natural sciences and antiquarian Vyrchow, a witness to this natural phenomena, would doubtlessly have agreed with me. Without deep foundations, set crookedly, askew, onto the slope with one ground floor, black, sooty kitchen with a room and a chamber above a stable and a cellar, where saltpeter grew irrepressibly over the walls it offered a shelter to a modest family."
(Ivan Pregelj, Lovričeva hiša na Mostu)