Bohinj Railway

In the second half of 19th century, Trieste was a flourishing, quickly developing town and the main port of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy as well.
The traffic was fastly increasing, so soon after the Southern Railway had been built the need of another railway connection with Vienna appeared.

Polemics about different possible alternatives were lasting through decades. Finally, the decision for a route known as Bohinj Railway was accepted.

The given presentation is focused on the section Podbrdo - Nova Gorica with special accent on its part through Baca Valley.



Railway Stations

Based on CD Life at the railroad published in 2007 to mark the centenary of the Bohinj Railway.

Bohinj Railway from Podbrdo to Nova Gorica
Tolmin, Tolminski muzej, 2020
Text by: Karla Kofol
Photographs from: Gerhard Putz, Milan Lusser, Pokrajinski arhiv Nova Gorica, Miha Mlinar, Boris Mlakar, Tolminski muzej, Karla Kofol, Simon Kovačič, Silvo Cvek, Zorko Kenda, Marko Grego, Goriški muzej, Jože Boncelj, Milan Fratnik, Tamara Kos, Neva Pajntar, Stojan Črv, Železniški muzej, Metod Uršič
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