PEACE. And then another
WAR. Repeatedly, for centuries.
MAN, sucked into the merciless wheels of war, defeated again. Deprived of humanity, morally, physically and emotionally hurt.

O, appalling army, look at what you have brought! Have you any sympathisers left? Any supporters?
Who feel no hate towards the army? Yes, they still exist.
Franc Rueh

Web presentation is part of the eponymous museum exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Isonzo Front and the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

MAN & WAR, the exhibition
Tolminski muzej (Tolmin Museum), June 6, 2015 – May 30, 2016
Text: Karla Kofol
Language overview: Polona Hadalin Baša, Jasna Martinšek, Miha Mlinar
Translation: LEEMETA Translations
Visual and archival material: Tolminski muzej, Goriški muzej, Pokrajinski arhiv Nova Gorica, Vilma Pavić, Jasmina Pogačnik, Ivan Božič,
Digitization of material: Marko Grego
Web: Damjan Leban
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