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Most na Soči

The permanent archaeological exhibition on the ground floor of the Most na Soči primary school reveals the history of the area and of archaeological research that has been underway here for over one and a half centuries.

The exhibition expresses the importance of the Iron Age St. Lucia culture, named after St. Lucia (the former name of Most na Soči), as its economic and cultural center.

The exceptional architecture of the Soča river area is presented in situ, with well-preserved foundations and a wooden reconstruction of a Hallstatt house. The building, which was due to its length named "the Long House", reminisces of prehistoric Iron Age architecture of a village that already evidences some rudiments of urbanism.

In the immediate vicinity of the museum, in the eastern part of the village, the foundations of a 3rd century AD Roman atrium house are to be seen. The house was excavated during research conducted by the Gorica Museum.

Author of the exhibition: Drago Svoljšak
Design: Mojca Turk, Polona Zupančič

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