Jakovka’s house


By the Church of St. Nicholas in the middle of the village Podbrdo stands a restored Jakovka’s house of respectable age and variegated past. Beside the tourist information office for the upper Baška grapa it houses a permanent museum exhibition, which was opened in 2008 by the Tolmin Museum. The exhibition is set in the former chamber, the small room and the kitchen of the house and presents three decisive periods of the history of the upper Baška grapa. In the biggest room, the settlement of this area in the 13th century, which was the result of the larger German colonization, is presented. Interesting photographies about the construction of the Bohinj tunnel and the railway, which was finished in 1906 and had a strong influence on the lives of people in the villages in the valley, are exhibited in the small chamber. In the last room, the period between the world wars is presented; in that time Primorska region became a part of the Kingdom of Italy and the valley with surrounding mountains became highly protected and fortified border area. Several movies about the life in the upper part of Baška grapa are shown at the exhibition. It is also possible to be driven by the Bohinj railway with the help of the computer presentation and to watch numerous photographies of villages and railway stations between Podbrdo and Nova Gorica.

The author of the exhibition: Karla Kofol
Design: Ana Hawlina

Information and announcements for visits outside the regular timetable:

Podbrdo 18
SI – 5243 Podbrdo
T.: +386(0)538 00 485

Petra Skalarja 4
SI – 5220 Tolmin
T.:+386(0)538 00 480

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