Cockta Bottle

One of the most interesting items in the possession of the Tolmin Museum dating back to relatively recent post-war times is certainly a Cockta bottle. The birth of this popular Slovenian soft drink goes back to 1952, and the recipe for it was officially copyrighted a year later. It gets its characteristically brown cola colour from caramel, and its distinctive flavour from rose hip and a mixture of eleven types of herbs and vitamin C. The name of the first Slovenian licensed non-alcoholic beverage originates from the word "cocktail" and, at the time it was invented, it was the quintessence of western lifestyle and in a way counterpoised the American Coca-Cola.

Cockta's distinctive logo, which is still in use, and the first Cockta bottle were designed by the architect Sergej Pavlin. He chose the typography for Cockta's name from the same letters that had been used in the pre-war newspaper Slovenski Narod (Slovenian Nation). He used a small beer bottle as a design basis for the Cockta bottle, adapting its height and width for the new drink. He curved the name of the drink written on the bottle outwards and frosted the glass surface.

The first promotional campaign for the new drink was launched in March 1953 as part of the ski jumping competition in Planica. For this occasion, Pavlin designed a number of other promotional products, namely a six-pack bottle carrier, the Cockta delivery truck painting design, writing paper, an ice cart, as well as appealing red overalls to be worn by girls promoting Cockta on the day of the competition. A poster featuring a tanned girl with her hair tied in a ponytail was also created for this occasion – it was drawn by Uroš Vagaja and has remained Cockta's signature promotional product up until today.

From the beginning of a common Yugoslav market and until its collapse, Cockta's sales were on a constant increase. For some time it was also manufactured in Poland under the Slovenian licence, and it was also available in other European countries. In fact, for a long time Cockta was one of the best-selling export items of the then Yugoslavia.

The slogan "The Drink of Our and Your Youth!" was first used to advertise Cockta in the early 1980s, when no fewer than 37 million litres of this non-alcoholic beverage were filled and sold annually. After 2000, Cockta underwent a redesign, but still retained the features of the original product from the 1950s. The fact that it is still tied to the first Cockta and its design is quite obvious from the most recent notable slogan: "You Can Never Forget Your First!".

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