Wooden granary

Pečine, Šentviška planota

The granary, or 'cellar' as the locals refer to it, is built of hardwood logs and covered by a straw roof; the year 1778 is inscribed on it. It once stood next to a wealthy farmhouse in the village center and was used for storing various cereals, seed, dried meat and homemade brandy. It was the most important building on the farm, as it housed the provisions on which the entire family depended.

The Tolmin Museum bought it in 1974 and moved it to Tolmin, where they planned to install an open-air museum. After several years of its guest appearance in the town it was returned to Pečine, unfortunately not to the original location.

By the visit of this etnological monument one can learn about a piece of the everyday life in the past and also admire the expediency and harmony ob the building as well as craftsmanship of the then builders.

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Opening time
The wooden granary is freely accessible.