Man & War

Catalogue of the Museum Exhibition dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Beginning of the Isonzo Front and the 70th Anniversary of the End of the World War II


PEACE. And then another WAR. Repeatedly, for centuries. MAN, sucked into the merciless wheels of war, defeated again. Deprived of humanity, morally, physically and emotionally hurt.

INDEX     The period of "armed peace" - A political show of strength  - Wartime propaganda  - Conscientious objection and the onset of military dictatorship  - War breaks out!  - The glamour and misery of the military life  - Order and discipline in the army  - Relaxation and entertainment  - Care for the wounded and the sic  -  Prisoners, deserters and self-inflicted injuries  - The soldier's world of intimacy  - The war spares no man  - Life in the hinterland of the Isonzo front  - News from the battlefields  - Refugees  - The war draws to an end

Text: Karla Kofol                                                                                                                      
Design: Polona Zupančič    

Publised by the Tolmin Museum, 2015                                                                                
40 coloured pages, English edition

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