The Tolmin National Reading Society

The flag of the Tolmin National Reading Society, made for the celebration held in 1906 on the Society's 45th anniversary.

In the Slovenian territory, the reading society movement started in 1861 (Trieste), and came to flourish in the middle of the decade. The Tolmin Reading Society was the first such society in the Goriška region, the second to exist in the Primorska region and the fifth within the Slovenian territory. The rules of the Tolmin Reading Society were officially confirmed at the beginning of February 1862 and the society's grand opening took place on 20 February 1862. The reading society's founders were landowner and post coach owner Josip Devetak, landowner and chaplain Dragotin Pencin, lawyer Dr Karel Lavrič, landowner and notary public Dr Janez (Ivan) Premerstein, teacher Jakob Furlan, and district board clerk Simon Tavčar. 

Up until the spring of 1875, the reading society seat was housed in a building owned by Josip Devetak, until 1877 in the house of Raimund Preselj, until 1884 in the house of Ivan Asoli, and after that in the house of Ivan Gabršček (Podšolar). Not long after, a choir, a tambura orchestra, a library and a drama ensemble, as well as a string quartet, all started to operate on the National Reading Society's premises. The premises provided the venue for cultural events that included various lecturers, recitations and singing performances, as well as entertainment to round of the evening. The reading society premises thus served the purposes of a café, a lecture room, a concert hall, and a playhouse.

In 1906, the Tolmin Reading Society celebrated its 45th anniversary. In the same year, an official flag of the National Reading Society and the Handicraft Reading Club was hoisted as part of a big celebration that was held in Tolmin. The rich social life was interrupted by World War I and the National Reading Society ceased to exist for good.


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