Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca - Hundred years of "the Basilica of Peace"

Hundred Years of "the Basilica of Peace"
18.06.2016 - 30.10.2016

At the exhibition, the exceptional message of the Hundred years' Beauty, the Monumental Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca near Tolmin, is stressed by the author Damjana Fortunat Černilogar.

The church was built in 1916 in a mere 184 days by the soldiers of the 3rd Mountain Brigade of the Austro-Hungarian Army. It was designed by architect Remigius Geyling. Géza Jablonszky was the site manager, while the carver work was carried out by Anton Perathoner. The interior in Art Nouveau style as well as the inscriptions of names of the 2565 fallen Austro-Hungarian soldiers, burnt in oak pannels, give a special mark to the church.

Today, Javorca, as part of the Walk of Peace, represents a place for meeting and remembering those who lost their lives at the Isonzo Front. Everyone who visits this church, the unique monument to peace and harmony, certainly doesn't regret his decision. Since the church is faraway from the main roads, the Tolmin Museum drew it nearer by the exhibition. History, builders, architectural and artistic peculiarities of the church are presented at the exhibition, but most and foremost, its anti-war message is exposed.

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