Rihtar's sword
Bronze bracelet
Wooden clogs
Honorary chair
A wooden statue from Poljubinj
Sveta Lucija type fibula
Women's hairstyles
Kosmač's harmonium
Easter eggs
Silver needle
Wooden statues from Egypt
"Ramo secco" ingot
Emil Trutwin, watercolour paintings
Statue of Mary, mother of Jesus
Memorial plaque
Etrusco-Italic helmet
Iron age grave
"The ugly one's" carnival mask
Milk processing
Spinning wheel
Wooden skis
Metal vase
Breginj mural
Bosnian fez
Portret of Simon Gregorčič
Wooden chest
Statue of Dante Alighieri
Cockta Bottle
A Bed Warmer
The Trenta Bowl
Greek Owl Skyphos
Banner of the Tolmin National Reading Society
The Miners of Bovec
Spring Laundry
Poket watch
Post Horn
Postcards of the Soča valley

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