Banner of the Tolmin National Reading Society

The flag of the Tolmin National Reading Society, made for the celebration held in 1906 on the Society's 45th anniversary.

With the beginning of the constitutional era, a new, extremely creative period began for the peoples of the Austrian Empire. From 1861, Slovenians exercised their national culture and affiliation primarily through the establishment of town and village reading societies. Their activities influenced the rise of the reading, theatre and music culture, and helped to promote the Slovenian language.

The people of Tolmin were among the first to join the reading movement. A reading society was founded in Tolmin in February 1862. It was the first such society in the county of Gorizia, the second to exist in the Primorska Region and the fifth within Slovenian territory. A choir, a tambura orchestra, a library, a theatre group and a string quartet operated on its premises. When the Tolmin Reading Society celebrated its 45th anniversary in 1906, a large national celebration was held in Tolmin. During the celebration, the banners of the National Reading Society and the Handicraft Reading Club were solemnly hoisted in front of a crowd of thousands.

The rich social life that evolved in Tolmin at the end of the 19th century was interrupted by World War I; at which time, the National Reading Society also ceased to exist. However, its banner has been preserved despite two world wars and the rise of fascism, and is today one of the most valuable items in the Tolmin Museum.


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