The Construction

On the Littoral side of the route, the builders first faced more demanding work in Podbrdo. Giacomo Ceconi’s company started the exploratory shaft along the axis of the planned Bohinj Tunnel as early as 1900. Work on the rest of the route for the Bohinj Line was subcontracted in spring 1903. The section between Podbrdo and Šempeter was divided into nine parts; construction of the first five sections from Podbrdo to Ajba was taken over by the Viennese company Reidlich & Berger, and the remaining four sections to Šempeter were taken over by the Italian company Sard & Lenassi.

Construction of the section between Podbrdo and Grahovo was the most demanding; eight bridges, thirty-three culverts, and six tunnels had to be built due to avalanche slopes and watery terrain. The most important and still most admired structures along the entire Bohinj Line are the Bohinj Tunnel, the Idrijca Viaduct at BaÄŤa pri Modreju, and the Solkan Bridge.