The Bohinj Tunnel

The Bohinj Tunnel was one of the most demanding projects on the entire line. Construction began in 1901, but the first exploratory work started several years earlier. The tunnel was built by the well-known company owned by Giacomo Ceconi, who also designed the entire Bohinj Line concept. Initially, manual drilling was used, but in 1903 mechanical drilling was started simultaneously from both sides. The drilling equipment and ventilation ran on electricity from power plants in Bohinjska Bistrica and Podbrdo built especially for this purpose. Various transportation means ran on steam.

During excavation, builders had to deal with frequent inrushes of underground water and gas. Work was also slowed by the low temperatures of the rocks to be cut through. Nonetheless, the project was finished on time and on 31 May 1904 the tunnel was officially broken through. When the Bohinj Line was opened, the tunnel was 6,339 meters long, but today it is 12 meters shorter because in 1945 German troops detonated the northern entrance while withdrawing.