The Podmelec Railway Station

Until 1914, the Podmelec railway station was an ordinary station with three intersecting tracks. During the First World War, fighting on the Isonzo Front interrupted traffic on the entire line and this station temporarily became the end of the line; it was the first station safe enough on this section. The nearby station at Sveta Lucija (now Most na Soči), to which traffic could have run, was too close to the main front line and was completely destroyed in 1917. At this time additional tracks were built on the spacious platform and the main building was extended. Large amounts of military supplies being transported to the nearby battlefields on freight cableways passed through the station daily. Special trains carried many wounded soldiers from the station to the rear area. In the former factory for wooden products next to the railway station there was a hospital for treating soldiers wounded on the nearby Isonzo battlefield.

After the First World War, the station returned to its prewar status and later became a flag stop. After the Second World War, it was again a full station for a time, but since 1970 it has been closed and used only as a flag stop.