The Most na Soči Railway Station

Until just after the Second World War, the station at today’s Most na Soči was called the Sveta Lucija-Tolmin railway station. It was the main station for the entire Upper Soča Valley and was thus more luxurious than most stations along the line. It was built on a broad natural platform on the right bank of the Idrijca River before Sveta Lucija (now Most na Soči), from where its name originated. Even before the First World War, several warehouses and houses were built next to the central building. Most were badly damaged in 1917, when the station found itself in the middle of the front line. After the war, the buildings were renovated according to old Austrian plans and so the station preserved its former appearance and was even extended somewhat. In addition to the three railroad houses, two new ones were built along with several privately owned houses, inns, and shops. In 1952, the entire area previously administered by Sveta Lucija became autonomous and is now called Postaja.

During construction special attention was given to the picturesque bridge across the Idrijca River that represented the main access to the station. When it was built, it was among the largest arched concrete bridges in Austria-Hungary.