The Nova Gorica Railway Station

Today’s Nova Gorica station was built on a broad 34-hectare platform on which several signal cabins, warehouses, and other buildings are located in addition to the main station building. Robert Seelig was the architect that designed this magnificent central railroad complex at the northern edge of Gorizia. Upon its completion, the station was to be named the Görz/Gorizia/Gorica Staatsbahnhof (‘Gorizia State Railway Station’), but under pressure from the Italian minority the Slovenian name was excluded. As a result, various public demonstrations were anticipated before the official opening of the line. This delicate situation was handled by not labeling the station with any name whatsoever on the opening day.

The station buildings were badly damaged in both wars. In the Second World War, 70% of the buildings and equipment were damaged. After the war, the station fell under Yugoslav control and was cut off from Gorizia. It was located directly on the border, where movement was restricted. It was also 2.5 kilometers from Solkan, which temporarily served as the center of the Nova Gorica district after the war. As a result, a small station was built in Solkan in 1948 that still operates today.