The Grahovo Railway Station

To build the 558-meter-long Grahovo railway station, engineers had to deflect the course of the Bača River and build a long embankment. Because the station is at the bottom of the valley below the main road and the village of Grahovo, a long access road was needed. Demanding terrain prevented completion of the road before the Bohinj Line opened, so the station did not open until a year after the line was built. Part of the building was damaged during the Second World War, but it was renovated and slightly modified after the war.

In the interwar period the Italians renamed the station Gracova Serravalle (i.e., ‘Grahovo in the Gorge’). At the exit from the station, the railroad enters the steep, narrow Bača Gorge, which only widens after the Kneža tunnel. Today the railway station has four tracks and mechanical home signals.