The Hudajužna Railway Station

The Hudajužna railway station stands on the right bank of the Bača River, where there was enough building space along the river before construction started. Construction completely reshaped this part of the valley. First, the course of the Bača River was shifted closer to the road and an embankment was built on its left bank, where today’s station buildings are located. The slope above the station was then dug out and reinforced, and part of the embankment above the Bača River was fortified with a stone retaining wall.

In the interwar period, the Italians renamed the station several times. The compound name Oblocca-Jusina was used from 1923 until the Second World War. In a sabotage operation to disable traffic through the Bača Valley, the Partisans completely destroyed the Hudajužna railway station. It was renovated in postwar style after the war, although the station building lower down the line remained intact. The station has been closed since June 1991 and is now a flag stop.